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Decorative vase "Tolv" in 7 colors up to 60cm for dried flowers/pampas grass/gypsophila

Decorative vase "Tolv" in 7 colors up to 60cm for dried flowers/pampas grass/gypsophila

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B-Ware (mit kleinen Fehlern)

This is our "Tolv" vase. Available in 5 sizes (18cm, 25cm, 32cm, 42cm and 60cm) and 7 colors.

  • Each vase is a one-off production. They are only available from us!
  • Important: Very light in contrast to stone, but still very stable! Please note! But can be filled with sand.
  • 3D printing from organic plastic (Bio PLA).
  • All vases in the shop are designed and printed by us.
  • The vases are for dried flowers. They are not waterproof.
  • From 2 vases there is automatically a 10% discount. All prices include shipping costs
  • Also feel free to check out our reviews on Etsy:
  • For commercial customers: 19% VAT will be shown on the invoice

Available in 5 sizes:

  • XXL: 60cm, 24cm in diameter (double the weight of the XL variant) (1KG!) Due to the long printing time, only one XXL vase can be printed per day, and these are quickly sold out again due to the high demand. Please stop by more often or just contact me, I will then reserve a vase.
  • XL: 42cm, 17cm in diameter
  • L: 32cm high, 14cm in diameter
  • M: 25cm high, 11cm in diameter
  • Mini: 18cm high, 7.2cm in diameter


  • White
  • light grey
  • dark grey
  • black
  • beige
  • dark green
  • sand gray (a light beige/grey)


  • Please only use the vase for dried flowers. They are not waterproof!
  • 3D printing works with individual thin layers that are "printed" on top of each other, these are easily visible depending on the incidence of light. This is normal.
  • 3D printing can cause minimal irregularities in the surface.

Shipping is usually the same or next day.

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